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“The first time I (Davide) came to Stockholm, 
I clearly didn’t speak a word of Swedish.
And barely a sentence in English.
It was 2007, I was 22 and took a coffee at every Italian bar
that was in town.
I longed for home, and yet I stayed there.
Who knows why?

Six years later Enrico, my real cousin came here, mostly because I lived here, I guess.
It took a month. Then he resigned from his jobs, we went home to Emilia Romagna in Italy, bought a food truck and drove it up to Sweden. Packed with organic Parmigiano, Pecorino, Prosciutto and the most beautiful tomatoes, which we cooked on the streets of Stockholm for a while.

Until we began to freeze too much.
Three years later, we have now opened our first three places in Stockholm; a bakery, a deli and a pizzeria in one and a pizza bar!

Where you can drink spritz, eat pizza and live just like in Italy.